Our services


  • Technical and financial feasibility studies, finance sourcing, research and development, property services;
  • Organisation and supply of services to public and private sector businesses and utilities engaged in production activities in a wide range of economic and technical areas.
  • Design, management and testing in all areas of engineering, architecture, plant technology and the environment;
  • Direct execution of contract or contract management on behalf of third parties;
  • Design, construction and management of production plants.
    Studies and works for the protection and monitoring of the environment;
  • Research and development of advanced technology for energy saving processes and the elimination of pollutants;
  • Development of projects and works for the disposal, treatment, purification and recovery of waste products.


  • Flexibility in meeting specific needs and requirements: from day-to-day consulting to the ‘turn-key’ supply of high-technology premises and plant systems.
  • Global service: responsibility for customer orders through co-ordination and monitoring
  • Interactive joint participation with the customer in business and production activities.